1. Your book becomes affordable for all consumers. The Kindle version of a book is generally priced lower than the print edition (You will still receive very decent royalties. Many authors receive more royalties from Kindle sales despite the lower price point.). Someone who is price conscious will be inclined to purchase a lower priced Kindle version of your book, whereas they may pass on the higher priced print edition.


2. Your book becomes available to all types of readers. Why restrict yourself to paperback readers? There are readers who ONLY buy Kindle books because they are committed to keeping their living space as clutter free as possible. Travelers are also big users of the Kindle.


3. Increase the number of Amazon categories in which your book appears. Your print book gets entered into one category on Amazon. A Kindle book allows you to enter your book into two additional Amazon categories. This increases your discoverability.


4. Your book can be made available to Kindle Unlimited Subscription Readers. Your Kindle book can be enrolled in The Kindle Unlimited subscription program. This program permits readers to have unlimited access to enrolled Kindle books for $9.99 a month. You receive royalties based on whether or not they read a certain percentage of your book.


5. You can take advantage of the Kindle Unlimited features for authors' sales promotions. The Kindle Unlimited program also allows you to put your book “on sale” or even offer it for free—periodically. This “sale” feature combined with social media sharing can be a powerful marketing tool.


6. Worldwide sales. Your Kindle book will be offered worldwide: US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia.


7. Free entry. Amazon Kindle services are free. They take a percentage of the purchase price when a book is ordered. You receive the balance as a royalty.


8. Marketing tools. You can enter your Kindle book into an Amazon Kindle Giveaway contest (another inexpensive marketing tool).


9. Sample offering of your book to everyone with a browser. A small beginning portion of all Kindle books can be read for free by any Kindle owner or Kindle app user. Everyone with an internet connection and an Amazon account can read a sample of your book and decide if they want to buy the rest of it or not.


10. Kindle is an app, not just a device. Readers do not need to own a Kindle device to read a Kindle book. All that is needed is a computer, a smartphone or a tablet like an iPad with the Kindle app installed.

10 Reasons

to publish your book in Kindle format

PS. Aging Baby Boomers are adopting the Kindle technology. They love the ability to scale the type to the size perfect for their eyesight.